Host Family Assistance Program

Donahue Academy will assist in making initial contact between students who need to live with a local host family and interested host families. All arrangements between the students and host family are independent of Donahue Academy. The school does not screen students or families for suitability or intervene in any arrangements or potential disagreements. The host family program is only recommended for college prep students with strong academic credentials and who will be completely “on Mission” with the school academically and spiritually. It is not for those who are struggling academically or rebelling socially or spiritually. Independence, integrity and a willing spirit are absolutely critical.

Students will be in walking distance to restaurants, a grocery store and medical facilities.

Regular Tuition and Fees are paid to the school. It is up to the student’s family to arrange private funding to the host family for room and board ($6,000-$8,000 seems to be standard charges)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will students be housed?  Students will need to select on their own a host family in the town of Ave Maria.  They will typically be living with a host family as one of their household members. Depending on the arrangements you make with the family, you may share a room. You may participate in household chores and activities as the others in the household.  You will make private arrangements with the families regarding all costs and expectations.

 Do you accept international students and offer international student visas? Yes.

Must international students take the TOEFL exam? International students from non-English speaking countries must take the TOEFL exam.  They must have a score of 550 or better for the paper-based test, 213 or better for the computer-based test, and 80 or better on the Internet-based test.  Please use Ave Maria University’s school code (42.f) when you request scores.

Can I dual enroll at AMU? Yes, although this will involve paying and additional fee for the university course. For joint high school/university credit, courses are usually limited to Math, Science, Foreign Language, and Theology. To qualify for dual enrollment you must be at least 16 years old, have a 3.2 cumulative grade point average. SAT or ACT test scores are requested if available.   Donahue Academy will assist dual enrollees in submitting the standard AMU Application for Admission and selecting “High School Dual Enrollment” under the special program section of the application. No application fee is charged. A maximum of two classes per semester is permitted for dual enrollees.

Is there financial aid?  We typically do not offer financial aid to our host family students.

What is the Daily Schedule Like?  Like all Donahue Academy students, you will work hard, play hard and pray hard! And you will have a rich and full academic, social and spiritual life.  There will be plenty of opportunities for sports and arts, for time with friends, traveling around beautiful Southwest Florida, or for going to the beach.  A typical school day looks like this for a residential student:

6:30 a.m. – Rise and Shine!

7:00 – 7:30 – Breakfast

7:45 – You’re at school, putting your books in your locker and greeting your friends

8:00 – Your academic day begins- a tour through a broad array of integrated academic subjects, plus specials like gym, music and art.

9:45 – Daily Mass at the Academy with more than 200 schoolmates and community members

12:15 – Brown Bag Lunch at school (or you can order in at and additional fee from area restaurants including the Bean of Ave Maria and Tropical Smoothie)

12:50 – 3:20 p.m.- Back to class for the afternoon of continuing exploration of the things that matter most.

3:25 – 5:45 This is your free time. You can enjoy it with friends- attending school sports or joining a dance class. You can schedule a session for extra help with a teacher, visit the town center or participate in activities with your host family.

5:45 – 6:45 – Dinner with your host family.

6:45 – 8:00 – Study and social time – to be coordinated with the host family.

9:00 – Home on school nights.


Weekends: You will have the opportunity to attend Donahue sporting events, visit local beaches, nature centers, art galleries and museums, go shopping in Naples, and of course, catch up on your studies!

Celebrate Sunday Mass with your host family.

What if I have other questions?  Please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!