Tuition 2017-2018

Donahue Academy has set its tuition to reflect the projected actual cost of education for each student. Financial aid is available for local families who cannot afford the full cost of instruction. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of actual need, not simply on number of children attending. We anticipate that many families, especially those with multiple children, will require some form of financial assistance. We encourage all families interested in the school to register and go through the financial aid process for possible access to tuition awards and scholarships.

Grade School (K-8)     $6,900  with a $275 non-refundable books and supplies fee

High School (9-12)     $9,540  with a $430 non-refundable books and supplies fee

These amounts do not include uniforms, sports fees, social events, or field trips. There is a $150 graduation fee for seniors

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