Grammar Stage: (Knowledge; Grades 1-4)

The Grammar Stage focuses on presenting information, the broad acquisition of facts and laying the foundation of knowledge. Grammar refers in this context to the simple concrete artifacts, basic building blocks or fundamental rules which inform a subject matter or exercise. This is the critical stage when students are learning “how to go to school”, how school and learning works, and what expectations of behavior, conduct, and intellectual involvement are appropriate. The students explore in simple and concrete ways the basic elements of reading, math, art, language and science. Memorization and simple observation in a rich environment both of which come quite naturally and with delight at this stage, are maximized. Reading and being read to are at the heart of this stage as all students become fully fluent in reading and develop a love for stories, poetry, and the spoken and written word. The student becomes familiar with various parts of disciplines and future skills, in a basic but comprehensible. The student’s developing intellect will more fully appreciate and synthesize the elements of this fact-focused stage as he grows in age and wisdom.


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