Rhetoric Stage: (Wisdom; Grades 9-12)

The Rhetoric Stage is the stage at which self-motivated learners are able to express themselves with ever increasing depth, clarity and originality. The student is able to engage not only in analysis of complex information, but is able to synthesize such analysis with other data and information and clearly express in both written and oral form the implications of their understanding. The student engages in depth reasoning as he looks at facts and data now accumulated over a twelve year career with us. Critical evaluation and graceful self-expression is the fruit of this final stage. Advanced mathematical, scientific, and language skills are complimented by a rich appreciation of literature and poetry. In possession of “the tools of learning” and broadly cognizant of the human experience as reflected in the various disciplines of the liberal arts, the student is able to take responsibility of his own learning as he continues to advance through his college career, and beyond.

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